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The Centre is in a privileged position for activities and events



In the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale complex the spaces set aside to accommodate the Restoration Centre are those of the Alfieri Stables, or the portion most north-east of the whole site of the Savoyan Venaria Reale residence, which underwent radical reconstruction work between 1997 and 2001. The project to restructure the spaces reserved for the CCR was carried out by two architects, Pietro Derossi, to restore the container and Giorgio Fea, to design the interior. The result is an interesting combination of ancient and modern, fully independent and reversible, appreciable, for example, in the ambitious interpretation of the Aula Magna located in the east wing or the premises that house the scientific laboratories, in the west wing. Organising an event in this setting of rebirth and artistic redevelopment may prove to be a unique, very prestigious experience, where history and art come together to enhance and enrich any reason for a meeting. Also unique is the opportunity to offer, together with the spaces, a visit to discover the Centre and the Restoration Laboratories, where priceless masterpieces are kept and the Scientific Laboratories, where sophisticated instrumentation will be visible, giving a totally immersive and stimulating experience in order to find out about the multifaceted and multidisciplinary preservation activities. In addition, the adjacency to the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale means you can extend the tour route and even find a moment of sublime fusion with art, history and nature (


The areas


“Giovanni Urbani” Aula Magna (Great Hall)

The Aula Magna rises in the West stables, it is contained between two steel walls which produce an almost elliptic shape and are a respectful distance from the Alfieri brickwork, producing an effect of a perfect marriage between ancient and modern.

Capacity: 200 seats

Provision: booth enabling technical support, very sophisticated audio and video-projection support, ideal for events and important conventions, wireless connection.


Master Rooms

Three rooms are located on the second floor in the East wing, they are large rooms equipped with efficient facilities to organise working tables, conferences, video and web-conference techniques, up to 60 delegates. Overlooking the urban grid of Venaria Reale, an ancient village, they also provide an excellent fusion between functionality and aesthetics.

Capacity: 60 seats

Provisions: audio and video-projection technical support and electrical audience support, wireless connection.



Six rooms on the second floor of the West wing can host private meetings and seminar lectures or working tables. Accessible from the Palace entrance side they ensure immediate use.

Capacity: 30 seats

Provisions: audio and video-projection technical support and electrical audience support, wireless connection on request.



Between the West wing and the East wing of the Alfieri Stables is a splendid area where catering can be arranged for luncheons, dinners or coffee breaks, concerts either singly or in support of events organised in the Aula Magna or in other areas.






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